Equipment & accessories rental

Get the most out of your car hire by  taking advantage of our equipment & accessories rental.

Make travelling with children a breeze with our ranges of baby car and/or  trolley. Or, if you're exploring unfamiliar territory ensure you always assist by  hiring a mobile phone….


Forget the complicated phone divert procedure, hassle purchase sim card and save your expenses with our mobile phone  rental service.
 We have various mobile phones for rent, from basic  cell phone to model smart phone that can be satisfied any demand of traveler’s  demand.  You are now easy to control your  trip while traveling with us.

  Basic cell phone (Nokia 110 or similar): 2 US$/day
  Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy or similar): 5 US$/day

Just advise us total amount you estimate spending, we  will help you buy a SIM card ( connect with Vietnam mobile network, 3G ) with credit card so you will have a mobile phone  availability for use as soon as arrival/landing.


For the protection of your children  during your car rental period, child safety restraint seats are available at  some locations in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi) upon advance  reservation.

We offer there variants of child safety  restraint seats:

  •  Child Seat Baby 0-9kg (0-12 months)
  • Child Seat Infant 8-18kg (1-3 years)
  • Child Seat Toddler 14-26kg (4-7  years)    

Price: 5 US$/per day

Notes:  All three options can be confirmed depending on availability.


  A trolley will help your toddler relax and  you can comfortably traveling. You will not  have to think about packing and carrying trolley if your book  in advance with us. We have available trolley for toddler from 12 months to 4  years old.
 Price: 5US$/per day 

Notes:  We confirm your booking base on first come,  first-served basis


There are not advanced and special  wheelchairs in Vietnam;  however, the basic comfortable one is available for rent.  Give as many details as you can about what you can and can't do, and don't  downplay the severity of the disability at the time requirement, the more  information we has, the better we will be able to accommodate you.

Price: 25 US$/per day

We are doing everything to wish you and your family a  safe journey during your car rental with us. So, if you need any further  assistance, just remember that we are always by your sides for any proposal.

Contact us at: or hotline: +84912317553 for any other special request or suggestion.