Hue – Former DMZ Vietnam

Duration: 10 hours
Get back to the memory of Vietnam War, travel to and discover the place used to be the site of some of the fiercest and bloodiest battles, visit underground tunnels and bunkers, stunning country villages and learn something about the war time in the country.

Historical Hue experience

Duration: 9 hours
This is trip driven you into hidden charms of ancient Hue. This type of day trip, designed with special care, will help you to discover as much as the beauty of Hue as its culture, historical within a day. Our professional driver and knowledgeable guide will take care of you and show you a ...

Hue cuisine & culture

Duration: 7 Hours
Experience Hue, from being a Hue Commoner to an Emperor by explore decades of culture and culinary glory in the central capital of Vietnam that is little-known but highly regarded kitchens across Hue, if not anywhere in Vietnam. The tour including a cyclo excursion to the citys famous Dong Ba ...

Ancient Phuoc Tich village & Thanh Toan bridge in Hue

Duration: 1 day
A relaxing day tour takes you to some of the most outstanding treasures of Hue. With this tour you will visit to the 18th century Thanh Toan covered bridge and the 500 year old Phuoc Tich village. This two places, off from the beaten tracks, are great attractions you should not miss when in Hue.

Hue coutryside biking & emperor tombs

Duration: 9 hours
Discover the charm of Hues country with a day cycling. Paddle along country roads through beautiful villages, countless pagodas and royal tombs whilst enjoy the peaceful rhythm of the country land of the former royal capital.

The garden houses of Hue

Duration: 4 Hours
Beyond the ancient citadel and extravagant tombs of Hue, lie the towns historic garden houses. This guided tour will teach you more about these hidden gems and their legacy, as nearly all of them have direct links with the old Imperial Court. Visit by cyclo the garden houses of Lac Tinh Vien built ...